6th JPGA Kissan Mela 26-27 September 2019



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Welcome To JPGA Kissan Mela 2019

Jalandhar Potato Growers Association (JPGA) is an effective potato association for promoting the potato industry in all its various phases. A vigorous membership campaign was initiated which got very good response. The constitution and by-laws were formulated.

The Association is working to foster mutual cooperation and coordination of all agencies interested in all aspects of the potato industry, create better seed, free from disease and encourage a system of seed certification, stimulate the development of new and improved varieties, provide proper descriptions of them and assist in determining adaptation through uniform tests in all parts of the country.?

JPGA is stimulating the thought for devising new methods for profitable utilization of surplus potatoes. To collect and disseminate the best available information relating to both the practical and scientific phases involved in increased yields, coupled with a lessened cost.

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